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Equipment for Group G Engineering (MoW)

Group G Engineering is the Railway MoW (Maintenance-of-Way) arm of Group G LLC.  On this page will be ALL of the Train-type pieces of GGX equipment.  Starting out with the  Rail Grinding Train (RGT) and Than, the Ballast Cleaning Train (BCT).  Along with other MOW trains to come.

The Rail Grinding Train RGT

The Rail Grinding Train is used to "restore" the"Profile" of the rail head.  Which over time gets deformed from heavy traffic use. The train consists of cars that carry grinder sets (grinding wheels mounted on positionable motors assemblies) as well as their supporting cars, that carry the working crew and spare parts.   Enough, items to allow these trains to run independently for weeks on end.  This model is a combination of kitbashed and scratch-bult parts.  There are even lighting under the grinder cars to simulate the flashes of light that from the grinding operation.

Ballast Cleaning Train

The Ballast Cleaner, collects, cleans and recycles the track ballast, located along the ends of the tie structure. By removing the debris that builds up, (dirt, soil, etc...) it promotes better water drainage and helps retaining track structure.  The model is a kit-bash, scratch-bult affair.  With most of the parts being made from styrene plastic sheet and forms stock.  Power is an Atlas B23-7 chassis modified.

Ballast Ditcher Train

The Ballast DItcher is also used in the control of water around track structures.  It's job is to clear or create new ditch formations for the dispersal of water. This model is also a kitbash, scratch-bult unit.  The majority of the parts again being made with styrene stock.  The mechanism is an Atlas B23-7 chassis.




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