Maintenance of Way

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Maintenance of Way

The FCN has an array of equipment used to maintain the rails..

This page will host the Trucks and Rail-base equipment.  As well as some visiting pieces from out-side venders. 

All the equipment made by Group G Engineering.  Will be on the Group G page.

FCN's Maintenance Train

FCN's maintenance train, consisting of:  Tool car #20,  Sideboom Tender #21, Bi-Hopper Ballast cars #22 and Flatcar #23.  All in FCN "Maintenance" Orange.

Pettibone Track

This is a Pettibone, Swingmaster.    A do-all piece of equipment.

Our Hi-Rail trucks and Cars

Trucks on the FCN are ALL Hi-Rail and include: L8000 Crew-cab Service trucks , L8000 Work truck with Knuckle boom.  L8000 Super truck  and a F250 Extented cab pickups. FCN also has a few Ford Taurus, for executive work.

Rail-bound equipment

A Ballast Regulator, Tie Crane and a Ballast Tamper.

SRS Track Analyzer

The SRS corp.  supplies track/rail testing equipment.  This equipment analyses the condition of the rail surface.   Which helps in catching track defects early.

Holland Rail Inc.

This truck is a "Portable" Rail welder.  Used to join sectioned rail, into the now standarded continuous rail.  It is a self-contained unit.

Updated September 1st, 2019